Differentiation: Classes of Women

As you might be aware, dear reader, there are different classes of girls and women, and not only do they have different characteristics, they attract different classes of men.  They include the queen, lady, empress, goddess, girl, woman, princess, doll, dear, mother, dame, seductress, and muse.

The Four Types Of Classic Women - The Glamorous HousewifeThe ...

A woman may occupy any of these classes, regardless of her wealth, position in society, age, or profession; it is more a function of her behavior, etiquette, and how she decides to use and convey her femininity.  Here are the different levels of women, and what makes them:

  • Queen

The queen, dear reader, is a woman that acts with great dignity and conducts herself with a sense of regal grace and power, no matter how trying the circumstances.  She acts knowing that she represents not only herself and her family, but a greater portion or humanity or a nation as well.  And because of this, she is careful not to tarnish that image by any sort of misbehavior.  She is wise and hears everyone out with great deliberation, but knows her own mind and is not afraid to make her own deliberations, speak it, and act upon it.  She does not deny herself what she needs to hold her position, but has the ability to regulate herself in all things.  She uses her wisdom to support and advise other women within her circle.  She has the strength and courage to do what must be done, no matter if it is at the moment popular or not.  During a difficult time, she is a source of support for a man or a king and during prosperous and fortunate times, she tempers his excesses.  Her naiveté has been replaced with experience and deeper wisdom and perception.  She knows the ways of the world well, and knows how to behave in any situation, never doing or saying anything that would make her appear foolish or diminish her authority.  Examples of the queen include Angela Merkel and Michelle Obama.

Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Fall/Winter 2015 couture show in Capri, "La Canzone Del Mare" photographed by Boo George for Vogue Japan October 2014. via trendhunter

  • Lady
    The lady exudes what is called “class” in everything she does. She has a gentler, less weighty, air and tone about her than the queen, but is her equal in refinement and elegance.  Her clothing choices are not too ornate and detailed, but show a neatness and educated modesty.  The lady lacks the flirty naiveté and charming ignorance that marks the girl, but is not afraid to display her softer, more vulnerable side on occasion.  Unlike the queen, she is not the “rock” for those in her inner circle and her man, but she can be counted on to provide sound advice and support from a distance.  She maintains her boundaries and treats herself and those around her with great respect and kindness.  Examples of the lady include Jackie Kennedy, Kate Middleton, and Princess Diana.
  • Empress
    The empress combines the strength and regality of the queen with the feminine command of the seductress. She is aware of her effect, as a woman, and uses that to her advantage.  She is capable of using subtleties and stratagems to influence those around her to do as she wishes.  She takes great care of herself, as a divine being, and will, on occasion, give of herself to who and what she deems deserving of her aura.  She has the ability to change the course of history, and has a wisdom that enables her to transcend the bounds of society and the time and place in which she finds herself.  Cleopatra is an example of the empress.

"Carmen Miranda Reloaded" Vogue Brazil February 2013 - Photography by Giampaolo Sgura

  • Goddess
    The goddess is a spiritual being and exudes her femininity in the form of deep calm and tranquility. Like the empress, she is able to transcend her society and those around her, but chooses to do so in a gentler, more retiring way.  She is content within herself and does not attempt to influence humankind at large.  She lives for beauty and delights in the beautiful – including nature, her own femininity, love, romance, and connection with her intuition.
  • Girl
    The girl, dear reader, has many feminine charms of which she is perhaps only obliquely aware. She follows her heart and intuition and is a source of light for the people in her life, and for a man.  She has the ability to totally enrapture and mesmerize him because she has that quality of childlike playfulness that triggers in him the instinct to protect.  She does not conceive of any ill will from anyone, and because she expects only the good, a man will strive tirelessly to live up to her vision of him.  She gives a new meaning to his existence, but during a difficult time, will not help him hold his weight; she lacks the deep inner wisdom and experience needed to do so, but she will show him great sympathy and inspire him to do whatever is necessary to give her happiness and to provide for her.
  • Woman
    The woman, above all, exudes taste and style. She is fully comfortable with her sexuality and is aware of its effects on a man.  She understands the motives of others and is able to influence and better a man through her knowledge of his thoughts and intentions.  Her staple is the knowing smile and realistic, but optimistic expectations.  She can take care of herself, and is aware of what she gives to a man.  She uses her intelligence, wisdom, and experiences, as well as her femininity to work for what she desires.  An example of the woman is Amal Clooney.

Do you remember Carmen Miranda? - Vogue.it

  • Princess
    The princess has the irresistible lightness and charm of the girl, combined with the belief that she is a special, and one-of-a-kind being. Her high sense of self-esteem and uniqueness are what draw men, and others, to her.  She is aware that others do not always have the best of intentions, but she shelters herself from situations in which she wouldn’t be treated as the special entity she is.  She lives to sprinkle her carefree and charmed effect wherever she goes.  Arianna Grande is an example of the princess.
  • Doll
    The doll lives completely for love, and never questions the fact that she is beautiful, no matter what her form is or what society at large has determined is beautiful. It is for this reason that she can come off as conceited and ignorant, but this particular virtue is also what gives her almost other-worldly beauty and love that goes with it.  She follow the passions of her heart rather than those of her head, though she possesses both; she values the heart above the mind in all things.  She has the effect of the girl, together with a tinge of the effect of the seductress’s confidence and control, on a man.  Examples include Kim Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe.
  • Dear
    The dear is beautiful, but perhaps a bit shy or skittish. She knows her mind well, and is ruled far more by its dictations than by those of the heart.  She has the class of the lady and a bit of the charming graces of the girl.  However, unlike the girl, she is respected universally and men and women alike are wont to correct themselves if they wrong her in some way.  Emma Watson is an example of the dear.


  • Mother
    A woman is not required to have biologically reproduced in order to have the matronly air and effect of the mother. The mother has the wisdom and experience of the queen, and she uses it towards preventing mistakes in others and protecting those she comes into contact with from their own ignorance, and from their own vices.  Like the dear, she is also universally respected; beyond this she is loved and cherished.  When she advises, people listen and pay attention carefully to her words.  Oprah Winfrey is an example of the mother.
  • Dame
    The dame, dear reader, is timeless. She has the wisdom of the mother and the beauty of the doll, but does not value either too highly.  The affairs of the world are not unknown to her, and she is rather amused by some of its absurdity.  Like the mother and the dear, she is respected by all, but she also has a subtle hint of the seductress’s sexual power.  Carmen Dell’Orifice is an example of the dame.

Carmen Dell'Orefice ~ 81 year old model walks the runway at New York Fashion Week

  • Seductress
    The seductress is schooled in the art of love. She does not go about it haphazardly, but delivers it with great skill and mastery.  She captivates and occupies a man’s imagination and has something of the element of surprise – she is anything but predictable and is always several steps ahead of others in her thinking.  She is independent, in thought and in reality, and she uses her femininity to follow her own vision.  Coco Chanel is an example of the seductress.
  • Muse
    The muse, dear reader, uses her feminine insights and knowledge to artfully inspire greatness in others. She exhibits her power through her giving and withholding of useful information, and like the goddess, is more a part of the spiritual and the divine than she is of this earth.  Maya Angelou, Beyonce, and Celine Dion are all examples of the Muse.

The qualities of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, are carefree, freedom, spontaneity, energy, and permission


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