Divine Femininity: Nine fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit

A part of femininity, dear reader, is connection with intuition and the divine; this is something that is particular to women and while men may also experience this, it’s much more prevalent in women.

A beautiful pic/Kundalini -  Every woman has the possibility to awaken the divine feminine within, but she first has to open herself to her potential and throw off the prejudice and guilt imposed by a patriarchal world.

Many women (and men, for that matter), spend their whole lives pursuing these gifts and fruits, because they are so powerful.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  – Galatians 5:22-23

  • Love
    Feminine love, dear reader, is the epitome and zenith of what it means to be a woman. When a woman is at her most loving, when she is able to exist as pure love, she is at her most powerful.  In this state she can touch millions – she can renew even the hardest, meanest, cruelest heart and she herself is totally renewed.  When she experiences that deep, transcendent love, what is irrelevant and doesn’t truly matter or last will have no hold on her and she is in her truest, most sincere form.
  • Joy
    When a woman experiences a sense of joy, she is at one with the earth and its creation. She delights in what an amazing gift this life is and she feels such a deep tranquility and peace that nothing can touch or harm her.  With this experience of feminine joy is intertwined a sense of very, very deep gratitude and thanksgiving.
  • Peace
    For a woman to be at peace, and to radiate it, means that she has reached a point of acceptance and surrender within herself.  She is okay with whatever has happened in her life in the past, and does not try to deny it or need to change it into anything other than what it was.  She can do this because she knows it no longer has any hold over her; she is completely detached from it and has taken from it what she needs to and has left the rest.  She is also okay with whatever might happen to her in the present and the future.  She trusts herself to remain calm and at ease, and knows that she can handle any situation that might come her way.

Ethereal Mermaid « Empowering the Divine Feminine

  • Patience
    The patient woman, dear reader, is a very special one. She is a gift to all those who come into contact with her.  She doesn’t become frustrated with herself and her own shortcomings, or those of others around her.  She lives her life on a much larger time-scale than most and has a perspective that allows her to keep her state – she knows, for example, that daily disappointments and problems pale in comparison on that larger scale.
  • Kindness
    Kindness, dear reader, is elaborated further here. As mentioned before, true kindness stems from a woman’s love for herself and for all of creation.  She experiences a genuine joy from treating both with respect and love.
  • Goodness
    Goodness, dear reader, will make any woman look beautiful, no matter how plain she is. Goodness is not so warm and loving as kindness, but is no less powerful as a virtue.  For a woman to have goodness means that she does what is right and proper, and really has no desire to do otherwise.  She is content with what she has and doesn’t distress herself or go out on a limb to obtain that which she doesn’t have and wants.
  • Faithfulness
    Faithfulness in a woman is not so much a loyalty to one’s husband or even to one’s religion. It is more encompassing.  The faithful woman trusts in a much deeper sense than that and is thus able to live a life with minimal, if any, stress.  She trusts that she will be protected from any true or lasting harm, that everything is for the best, and that people are basically good at heart though they may err.

What a lovely vanity table and chair/vanity area. I love the sheer canopy and that chair is utterly gorgeous. I always really wanted a vanity table.

  • Gentleness
    Gentleness will make a woman beautiful externally and internally. The gentle woman never uses undo force – she never attempts to force anything to happen and is content to let things be.  Because she has this quality, dear reader, she does not unintentionally harm herself or anyone else.  She is not disturbed by crudeness, rudeness, or any other sort of negativity in others, but rather feels a sense of sympathy for them because she knows how unnecessary it is.
  • Self-control
    Self-control is a quality that will surely catapult a woman to greatness and to authentic power.  When a woman can master herself, she is able to accomplish so much more with her time and her energy.  She is not a slave to passing emotions and desires, but can concentrate on what she truly wishes to do and to be.  This is further elaborated upon here.

"Couture’s Flight of Fancy" | Model: Gemma Ward, Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier, Harper´s Bazaar En Español, June 2004

The nine gifts are a bit more subtle: they are words of knowledge, words of wisdom, gifts of prophesy, gift of faith, gift of healings, working of miracles, discerning of spirits, different kinds of tongues, and interpretation of tongues.

  • Words of knowledge
    When a woman is gifted with divine knowledge, this means she has innate abilities and talents that she did not learn through her own efforts. She simply has them and does not question them.  For example, a woman might just “naturally” be an excellent orator – she didn’t have any specific training and didn’t develop that skill through other means.
  • Words of wisdom
    When a woman has words of wisdom, she knows exactly what to say, and when to say it. She has a knack for understanding what it is others need to realize at a particular moment in time.  The woman who has this understands the deeper truths in life and the “life lessons” that seem to repeat themselves so often.
  • Gifts of prophesy
    Gifts of prophesy are something like déjà vu; perhaps immediately before something happens, a woman just knows that it will come to pass, or has some sort of strange feeling telling her something is about to occur.

Harper's Bazaar Australia September 2014 | Ondria Hardin by David Mandelberg [Editorial]

  • Gift of faith
    True faith, both in a high power, and in a more universal sense of the word, are a gift, dear reader. It is not achieved through one’s own efforts, so attempting to force it upon anyone else will never work.  When a woman is gifted with faith, she does not question the signs that come into her life, and she follows her intuition; she experiences very little true fear, if any at all.
  • Gift of healings
    When a woman is given this particular gift, she is able to feel and understand exactly what another has gone through or is currently going through.  She is able to put herself in those shoes in order to illuminate the problems that are causing the suffering, and then do what needs to be done to solve them.
  • Working of miracles
    If a woman is gifted with this, she and those around her can be spared from harm through divine intervention.  For example, a woman that was about to take a trip that is cancelled at the last minute and later finds out that the bus, train, car, or plane she was in suffered a terrible accident, she has been the recipient of this gift.

Nadia Serlidou, Harper's Bazaar Turkey, June 2011

  • Discerning of spirits
    To have this gift means that a woman is able to judge others’ characters and true intentions clearly, and in the moment when it counts.  If someone has ill intentions, she knows it, and can feel it.  An example of this gift at work was when Oprah Winfrey interviewed members of the Ku Klux Klan and could sense when they used the visibility of the show to give out secret recruiting symbols – during the show she reported feeling this, but it was not until afterwards that she became aware of just what was going on.
  • Different kinds of tongues
    To be gifted with different kinds of tongues does not necessarily mean to speak different languages.  Rather, it means to be able to infuse multiple and layered meanings into a single set of words.  For example, this is called metaphor or symbolism when used as a device in literature.  It enables one to speak at different levels to different portions of one’s audience, at the same time.
  • Interpretation of tongues
    To have interpretation of tongues means to be able to recognize and understand when another is using different kinds of tongues.  The woman who is gifted with this has the ability to see and understand each layer of the meaning in a message.

Nicole Trunfio photographed by Simon Lekias for Harper's Bazaar Australia, October 2014 ("A Woman is a Woman"). Dress: Valentino. Shoes: Jimmy Choo.


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