The feminine woman who operates at her best, dear reader, is organized.  She is organized with her dress, with her hygiene, with her daily appointments, with her professional activities, and with her family commitments.  In short, her life is “put together.”

How to Organize Your Beauty Products Like a Pro | Daily Makeover

“To be in hell is to drift; to be in heaven is to steer.” – George Bernard Shaw

A woman who takes the time to organize her life in this way, if she doesn’t have the means to hire someone to do it for her, will find that that investment of time has huge payoffs for her.  She is able to accomplish far more in her day, avoids needless difficulties and stresses, makes a better impression on those around her and is likely to have a higher level of confidence.

For instance, the woman who is not organized may:

  • Spend hours searching for an item or document she needs
  • Needlessly spend money on late fees or other charges that result when she loses track of her affairs
  • Frequently feel frazzled and as though she is chasing too many obligations
  • Arrive late to meeting and appointments
  • Fall behind in her personal care and grooming
  • Have her belongs strewn about her home, out of place

And much more.

Beautifully Organized: Ideas for Shoe Storage - I pinned this from Ikea but this pic show how many pairs of shoes it will hold! Love this! Must have one or six!

An un-organized or frazzled looking woman is hindering herself and her progress.  She loses out on many opportunities both because she does not have the energy to undertake them and because she fails to win the respect and support of those around her.  A woman who’s appearance is in disarray or who’s commitments aren’t fulfilled with ease, is a woman who does not go far in life, despite her other virtues.  It is not only difficult for more organized people to trust her with anything important, it is irresponsible and a lack of judgment on their part.

Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds – Proverbs 27:23

Let all things be done decently and in order – I Corinthians 14:40

To be organized in her life, a woman should:

  • Keep her living space neat, clean and tidy, such that she can find what she needs when she needs it
  • Plan ahead and purchase items before the moment when she absolutely needs them
  • Never procrastinate; she should take care of responsibilities or obligations as they arise, not putting them off because they are unpleasant. Procrastination, dear reader, will in every case make the original task more irksome and more difficult.  The sooner an issue is dealt with, the better the outcome.
  • Keep all documents and important papers filed using a system that enables her to quickly and efficiently find what she is looking for
  • Keep all important dates and deadlines catalogued in a system that works for her, whether it is electronic or physical
  • Get sufficient rest each night, waking up and going to sleep on time
  • Keep herself healthy, groomed and neat for example by daily maintenance, scheduling regular appointments with doctors, specialists, and her local spa, and eating well.
  • Delegate activities where necessary; not feeling the need to do everything herself

These are all so beautiful! I wouldn't be able to fill them though! Time to go shopping?!!

On the other hand, organization can also be taken too far.  The woman who restrains her children’s natural curiosity and spontaneity for fear that they will upset the order of her home has lost sight of what organization is meant to do.  Organization is only a tool meant to facilitate life – the moment it interferes in the enjoyment of one’s life is the moment when a woman is overdoing it.

A woman must be able to adapt to changing circumstances and be able to handle it when something does not go as planned, which is practically a daily guarantee.

Organic bare foot bohemian wedding. Captured by: Day 7 Photography #weddingchicks


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