Why men get “bored”

Boredom, dear reader, is one of the many reasons why a man may cheat, and is often the cause of the lack of care and attention that women complain of in their relationships and in their marriages.


All men will become disengaged if they feel that they aren’t connecting with a woman.  He will feel as though he is not being heard, or understood, or that she doesn’t have the ability to read him and respond to him appropriately.  This is really what is happening when a man is complaining that a woman is “nagging” him or if a woman gossips to him.

A woman may be physically attractive, kind, and possess any number of positive traits, but if a man feels that by spending his time with her, he is not bettering himself, as a man, he will get bored.  The type of man who gets bored is looking for a woman who will help him to improve himself in some way.

If a man is bored, he is in need of greater passion, attraction, and play.  This sort of attraction, dear reader, is more on a psychological level than on a physical one.

He wants someone who will catch him off guard at times, who will correct him when he is wrong (tactfully and kindly of course!) and who he cannot “figure out” or read easily at all times.  The woman with whom he gets bored is too predictable, in the bad sense of the word.

She is predictable and fails to captivate his imagination and thus build attraction because she is not living out of her feminine intuition.  The sad reality is that all women have the ability to be captivating and mesmerizing for a man, to have his complete admiration and attention.  The problem is that women do not channel their inner feminine nature and because of this end up doubting themselves and giving away their power.  They become a slave and a follower to trends, popular opinions, anything and everything but their own inner voice and intuition.  They have learned to place their trust somewhere outside of themselves.

A man seeks a woman because he wants something unique, original, something he does not already have and cannot find elsewhere.  When a woman’s charm and motivations are not coming from within her person, he will feel no need for her, because she is only a duplicate, a recreation.

Boudoir  and not to mention love her hair color!!!! <3

In the movie Inception, Cobb summed up the male psychological stance quite elegantly when he told his wife (the version he recreated in his mind after her death):

“But I can’t imagine you with all your complexity, all your perfection, all your imperfection.  Look at you.  You are just a shade of my real wife.  You’re the best I can do, but I’m sorry you’re just not good enough.”

Men simply do not possess the ability to create or define what it is they will want in a woman.  They cannot conceive of it in this way – they will know what they like after it is presented to them, but they cannot determine it beforehand.  This is the reason why a woman looking to please and captivate a man by replacing her own inner intuition with a man’s advice or any sort of outside perspective will fail every time. 

7 Sexy Reasons to do a Boudoir Shoot.   http://www.bluevioletevents.com/new-blog/2014/10/15/top-ten-sexy-reasons-to-do-a-boudoir-photoshoot

Men are designed to appreciate and love what a woman is when she is in her natural, most feminine state.  This is something foreign to them and their thinking, which is why they are unable to tell a woman how to do it.

What it might look like:

  • A woman sees a beautiful flower, becomes captivated, disregards all else and whatever she was doing to take a photo
  • She stops to play with an adorable puppy
  • She spends a great deal of time putting together the perfect outfit, delighted when it turns out “just right”
  • She takes a long, hot bath, letting herself daydream and relax into it
  • She spontaneously compliments another woman
  • She smiles and hugs her man after she feels a wave of appreciation for something he does

She is genuine and is living from a state of love, experiencing her full range of emotions and not apologizing for them.

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2 thoughts on “Why men get “bored”

  1. “If a man is bored, he is in need of greater passion, attraction, and play. This sort of attraction, dear reader, is more on a psychological level than on a physical one.”

    But sometimes we think it’s physical when it really is psychological. Or sometimes it really is physical, such as when there is no physical contact at home.

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