Manners and Etiquette

Manners and etiquette are powerful tools, dear reader; ones which as a woman you should endeavor to learn and cultivate within yourself.

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Why?  Because they will, in large part, determine how much you are able to do with your life.  Contrary to popular belief, class in America and elsewhere is divided more along the lines of ideas and mentality, (i.e. correct behaviors and thoughts), rather than on dollars and cents.  Or, more accurately, developing correct behaviors in yourself will almost invariably bring you opportunities and wealth that simply are not available to those who don’t know how to conduct themselves.

A woman who acts in all cases with respect and dignity, and is always trying to better herself, will not remain long where she is.  She will win the trust and respect of everyone with whom she comes into contact and because of this she will not be involved in petty disputes or difficulties that distract her from becoming the best she can be.  She will advance quickly upwards, as those around her recognize her capabilities and offer her greater responsibilities and positions.

Do you see a man who excels in his work?  He will stand before kings; he will not stand before unknown men. – Proverbs 22:29

Most people would choose to interact and work with the person who has a good attitude and good manners with average intelligence and ability rather than a “genius” who is rude, crass, or simply ignorant of proper etiquette.  This person may attain some success, but will never reach the heights of those great men who have both talent and refinement in manner.

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A woman with “lower class” manners is a one who is abrasive to those around her, and perhaps intolerable as an associate for those with the ability to help her improve as a professional and as a person.

A woman who uses foul language, does not take care of her appearance, or complains about her circumstances will inspire the confidence of no one.  She will impress no one, and can offer little of value to those who might assist her.

She naturally repels people and things that would better her life, and is left wondering why others seem more favored or concludes that she’s simply living in an unfair social structure.

There is some truth there – it is difficult for a woman who was raised in an environment where etiquette and civility were perhaps scoffed at, to understand how much it can do for her.  She will have to undertake its study and seek out examples to model herself after if she did not have any to learn from in the past.

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The development of etiquette and proper manners is for a woman the single greatest undertaking she can engage in to advance herself; and best of all it is free.  While any form of education should be embraced by a woman, the study of proper etiquette will open more doors for her and give her a far greater return on investment than any amount of formal education will – it is my wish that more women understood this truth and used it to their advantage.


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