Dieting, dear reader, is anathema to tuning into and developing your femininity and your happiness.

In fact, this is the reason why it is almost never successful.  A woman decides to diet thinking that out of it she will get a more physically attractive body, which will in turn allow her to receive greater love, and thus trigger a greater sense of happiness and well-being.

She is not completely wrong in her thinking – a woman does feel better and is more in sync with herself when she is at a healthy weight.  When she is at her best, physically, mentally, and emotionally at her optimum, she will also be at her optimum size and health.

The reason why dieting will not work to get her there is because she is treating a symptom and not the cause.  It is diverting much of her focus and energy to monitor her eating habits and perhaps her weight.  When a woman is constantly concerned with how many calories or grams of saturated fat she has consumed, or is constantly thinking about how much she wants to eat a chocolate cookie but is determined to deny herself, she is out of her feminine element and in an unnatural state of worry, self-denial, and self-criticism that will consume her.   This is energy which, as a woman, she was meant to put towards loving others, herself, and all of creation.  She is wasting it and giving it away to a cause that does not serve anyone or anything.

Laura Loves...

The psychological component of dieting for a woman goes even beyond that, as is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  What you focus on and think about, dear reader, is what will shape both your body and your life.

A woman’s body and face will tell you everything, even if the woman herself refuses to face what she sees in the mirror.  A woman that is overweight may be that way for a number of reasons, including her belief that she is not beautiful, or not worthy of love.  A woman with poor complexion is not taking proper care of herself and is stressed as a result.  A woman with thin, dry lips that seem to wither into her mouth is starved of love – she leads a mean and miserly existence.  These sorts of health issues stem from a woman’s ignorance and her denial – she does not admit to herself what she is truly unhappy about, and work to address the root cause.

Dieting especially, can facilitate that denial for a woman.  It becomes so distracting and all-consuming that she has no time to really get in tune with her body, mind, and emotions and pay attention to the issues and problems in her life and in her mentality that once addressed, resolved, or understood, would free her.

A woman is simply not going to be in a loving, gentle, feminine state of flow when she is attempting to follow a series of imposed and unnatural rules, measuring herself and her progress not by her emotions or intuition, but by numerical metrics better suited to a scientific laboratory.

After a woman takes the responsibility of dealing with and coming to terms with those root causes, she will want to honor her body and treat it in the best possible way, not by dieting, but by eating food that nourishes and fuels her energy and life purpose.  Even the thought of fast foods, highly starched items, or processed and manufactured artificial foods will seem distasteful to her – they will lose any appeal they once had over her and she will not need to fight herself to resist eating them.

Whereas dieting will frequently strip out, haphazardly, different food groups or compounds, healthy eating as a lifestyle means that a woman will not deny herself what she truly wants, but has self-control and takes care to ensure that what she puts into her body is going to feed and care for it.


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