Living within One’s Means

The feminine woman of excellence, dear reader, lives within her means.

Such a cute idea for checks and cards at the wedding

She understands that having too much debt, spending irresponsibly, and engaging in “retail therapy”, while they may make her feel better temporarily in the short term, will not do her any good in the long term, and are unhealthy and unsustainable.

A woman must either dedicate time to creating a budget for herself, or hire an accountant who does this for her.  The feminine woman of excellence who knows how to make a budget keeps careful track of what her monthly living expenses are and what her income is.  She spends wisely and carefully, always choosing deliberately and carefully quality over quantity and does not make any “impulse purchases” that she regrets later.

A Woman's War by Captain Gail Harris - Navy's First African American Female Intelligence Officer

There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no one independence quite so important, as living within your means. – Calvin Coolidge

The woman of excellence understands that in order to be a fully independent adult and in control of her own circumstances, she must be in control of her budget.

Not all debt, however, is “bad” debt.  Examples of “good” debt include:

  • necessary car loan debt
  • student loan debt used for furthering one’s education with a high-quality and worthwhile program that will likely yield large returns on that investment
  • other investments

Hillary Clinton Photos: 17 Extraordinary Female Leaders, from Sheryl Sandberg to Hillary Clinton | Vanity Fair

It does not matter if she makes $20,000 per year or 2 million, a woman is a responsible adult when she controls her spending to match her resources and invests wisely.

At the end of the day, no article of clothing will ever feel as good as being responsible does – knowing that you can pay all of your bills and have something left over to save afterwards gives a peace of mind that is well worth any self-restraint a woman needs to exercise to achieve it.


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