The Importance of Educating Oneself

The feminine woman of excellence, dear reader, educates herself.

All black! <3!:

She understands that there is nothing classy, cute, or attractive about being or appearing ignorant.

She educates herself both formally, and informally.

An educated woman, dear reader, is a more interesting and engaging one and she has far more opportunities in life than the woman who, for whatever reason, does not make the effort.

Education is one of the few things that are so valuable it is actually worth going into debt for.  Very few women have so many options and such freedom that they can forgo the benefits a college degree brings.

A woman who puts in the time and effort into earning a four-year or a more advanced degree demonstrates not only that she has intelligence, but also that she is persistent, determined, and has the ability to make sacrifices and think about the future rather than just the immediate present.

Marble fireplace with gold mirror resting on top:

She is a woman who plans ahead.

Such a woman is wise and mature.

Ways a woman can educate herself, besides going to college, include:

  • taking classes part-time
  • reading books (i.e. exploring free resources at a local library)
  • taking online courses (again, many free resources are available)
  • taking opportunities to travel
  • joining clubs, groups, and organizations



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