The Mentality of A Queen

The high-value woman of excellence, dear reader, has the mentality of a queen.

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She is confident, poised, and knows her worth.

She accepts responsibility in life and while she accepts support from others and trusts them, she never depends on them.  She depends on herself and knows how to stand up for herself and for those she loves and cares about.

She is a strong, poised, self-possessed woman whom others can rely on.  She is a confidant and a source of wisdom – she can take care of herself and others.

To become a queen, dear reader, one must think as a queen.

A queen does what is necessary, not always what is easy or pleasant.

She conducts herself with self-respect, authority, and class.

She never goes out appearing disheveled or not put together.  She exudes calm and control.

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She wears make-up if necessary, makes sure her clothing is neat, and knows when is appropriate to be serious and when she can be more informal.

She doesn’t let others disrespect or take advantage of her.  She knows that she is deserving of respect, and she commands it.

She earns this by confronting others when needed – that is, she isn’t abrasive or combative, but she is also not afraid to let someone know when she means business.

A queen also has a greater purpose than just herself.  She uses her authority for a worthwhile cause, and she does so wisely.

She considers the implications of her and others’ actions and thinks before she acts.

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She does not boldly and recklessly charge into situations.  She responds to situations rather than reacting to them.

She is emotionally intelligent and understands how to calm herself and others in times of crisis.

That being said, she also does not overthink to the point where it impedes action.  She is a decision-maker and a leader.

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A queen has all of the following qualities:

  • poise
  • grace
  • she is educated and intelligent
  • she works well with others
  • she understands others and can fill many different roles including that of friend, wife, lover, mother, confidant, and leader
  • she does what is right and what is best, not always what is easy
  • she is someone others can count on
  • she takes care of herself, and then others
  • she is confident and treats herself as the queen she is
  • she doesn’t tolerate behavior from others that is disrespectful or not appropriate towards a queen
  • she is eloquent and persuasive
  • she has class
  • she is wise and has a mature perspective on life and what is truly important
  • she understands how to set and maintain healthy boundaries for herself
  • she doesn’t shrink herself out of fear of what others might think; she owns up to who she is and is proud of that woman

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