Femininity at the Office

No matter if you work in a masculine-dominated corporate environment, or a more traditionally feminine one, it is to your advantage, dear reader, to play up your womanly attributes.

Red and black outfit!:

A woman who dresses modestly but stylishly and is not afraid to display her femininity will be more respected by her coworkers, male and female, and in all likelihood will be happier and better paid.

Unfortunately, many women see their gender and sexuality as something they need to hide, mask, or sabotage in order to advance themselves at work and in their careers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is worth stating, however, that there is an appropriate and classy way to demonstrate femininity; a woman should never violate her company dress code and revealing too much or being overtly sexual is simply tasteless under any circumstance.

A woman will perform her best at work when she is both comfortably dressed and is allowed to express herself as a woman through her dress.  Looking and acting like a man is unnatural for any women and will result in immediate and obvious health issues that her body will display even if she herself chooses to deny that fact.

Red pin skirt for work:

A woman is most relaxed, calm, and in control of herself and her surroundings when she accepts herself as a female, dresses accordingly in a way that makes her feel beautiful, and doesn’t fear or shirk from her natural feminine power.

First and foremost, a women should always look neat and clean.  Clothing should fit well and nothing should clash or look out of place.  She should also make sure that she is always well-groomed, taking meticulous care of her personal hygiene, dental health, hair, and make-up.  A woman should take the time needed in the morning to look her best – this means waking up on time and going to sleep early enough so that she looks rested and refreshed and can face the day with a positive attitude.

Too many women neglect their personal well-being, appearance, and health and go to work looking and feeling tired and rushed.  It may seem selfish to put your needs above those of your husband, children, and family, but remember dear reader, that if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.  There is a reason why airline passengers are instructed to first put on their own facemasks, and then assist children in the event of an emergency – it is more efficient and will save lives.  Likewise, when you are feeling and looking your best, you have the most to offer others, whether it be at home or at the office.

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