How to Be Elegant

What does it mean to be elegant, dear reader?

The elegant woman is unmistakeable.  She is immediately recognizable, and forever unforgettable.

She impresses you with her ease of bearing, intelligence, wit, class, and stateliness.

There is something altogether ladylike and timeless about her.

Love the silver against the dark color.  Maybe not so large on the beads though:

A woman becomes elegant when she is at ease with herself.  That is, she lives from a place of calm and peace, rather than one of frantic action, anxiety, or stress.

The elegant woman has a polished, neat, and stylish look at all times; she never leaves the house looking frazzled or unkempt.

It’s not about breton striped shirts, ballet flats and classic trench coats. Chignons, nude lipstick and pearls don’t come into play. Elegance is an essence, a feeling, a way of life. Chanel once said, ‘elegance is refusal’ and who are we to disagree with arguably the most elegant women of all time? Elegance is refusing to wear a dress that you feel less than spectacular in, it’s calmly taking off those pants because they’re a little bit too tight and it’s passing on this season’s body-con mini-dress trend because it just doesn’t flatter your figure.

Elegance, dear reader, is more a behavior than anything else.

Caterina Leman This reminds me of Star Trek for some reason, and makes me love it even more!!! Te he:

To be elegant means to have a quiet confidence, an elegant woman looks and is sure of herself.

She carries herself with poise and dignity and she doesn’t over-do things.  That is, she is more reserved and subtle than loud and gaudy.  Applied to her style and clothing, she chooses items that are feminine and classy, but not too revealing.  She understands the power of maintaining one’s mystery and that less is more.

She also understands that less is more in the sense of purchasing quality over quantity.

The elegant woman would much rather own several high-quality items than hundreds of lesser quality pieces.  That is, the elegant woman is never, ever cheap dear reader.  She is however wise and plans ahead with her budget to purchase strategically.

Elegance is being able to communicate and accomplish what you wish for wordlessly and effortlessly.

.“In character, in manner, in style, in all the things, the supreme excellence is simplicity”  ― Henry Wadsworth:

It is impossible, dear reader, to be elegant without also being feminine.

As such, the elegant woman never gossips, is never hasty or in a rush, and she is graceful, never putting herself in situations in which she would look ridiculous.

And above all, the elegant woman is cultured and open-minded.  She is not bigoted and she understands that others may not always have the same views about life and particular issues that she does; she accepts this and does not feel a need to convince everyone to see things her way.  She is confident enough in her own well-formed and well-thought out opinions that she does not need everyone else to agree with them.

She can get along with almost everyone, despite these differences, because she is well schooled in the realm of etiquette and because she understands how to handle herself in any situation.

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.

Examples of elegant women who can serve as role-models include Kate Middleton, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Nicole Kidman, and Emma Watson.

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