Secrets of the French Woman

The French woman, dear reader, has been the object of allure and mystique to women worldwide.

Elegant white sandals - Shoes and beauty:

Numerous books have been written on the topic, including What French Women KnowFrench Women Don’t Get FatAll You Need to Know to Be Impossibly French, and countless others.

So where does this fame come from?

The French woman has nearly perfected the art of femininity, dear reader.

The French woman is the quintessential feminine.


“One is not born a woman, one becomes one.” – Simone de Beauvoir

The French woman has a devil-may care attitude, a cool confidence bordering on arrogance and vanity.

Parisian Chic Street Style - Dress Like A French Woman (2):

She is not dressing or living to please others – she lives in the moment and does what fulfills her own feminine nature.

There is even a term that has been developed to attempt to describe this unique way of being, dear reader, and that is je ne sais quoi.

Je ne sais quoi is something that is rather recognized upon encounter with it than an easily defined or capturable quality.

The French woman has this as a result of the combination of her ease of demeanor, confidence, femininity and mystique, and carefully crafted style and elegance.

Marion Cotillard. A French Woman with Vu's mindset beauty, Go To to get more Gossip News!:

A French woman harbors no illusions about her beauty. She celebrates her imperfections as iconic assets: the gap in Vanessa Paradis’ teeth, the delicate crow’s feet around Isabelle Huppert’s eyes, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s prominent jaw line. From adolescence to old age, her beauty is understated, yet dynamic, sexy yet unpredictable. Most importantly though, a French woman never takes her beauty for granted. It is tended and maintained, hydrated and coddled, but, above all, it’s enjoyed. A French woman revels in her beauty and relishes her seductiveness, which is, in France, both ageless and priceless.

The French woman, dear reader, is natural flirtatious, as seduction is an undercurrent and crucial element of French culture in general.

She is comfortable receiving compliments about her beauty, dear reader.

If she is beautiful, she does not pretend that she is not or affect modesty.

Rather, she graciously accepts all compliments with a polite “thank you.”  This is an area in which American women would do well to emulate their French counterparts, as many do not seem to understand how rude it is to reject such compliments.

Parisian Chic Street Style - Dress Like A French Woman (31):

And… being attractive often gives women a serious advantage over men. So we flirt. The things you can get with a large smile… amazing! In my opinion, to some extent, every woman does it. But French women are not afraid to admit it. They are not ashamed of using their charm to manipulate men.

The biggest difference that sets French women apart dear reader, is not their hair styles or clothing choices, but their lack of fear.  French women are not afraid to be feminine.  They embrace it in all of it’s intricacies.

When one Parisian girlfriend caught her husband answering a work text at the dinner table, she threw his iPhone out of their fourth floor apartment window onto the Boulevard Saint Michel. Far from scaring men off with their carefully honed Betty Blue style volatility, French women only succeed in reeling them in closer.

Easy and timeless. Ines always looks chic.

French women succeed in getting what they want without becoming harsh or stressed.  They choose to use indirect means, influence, and subtlety instead, and, dear reader, this is often much more effective.  

In Paris, a French woman would just look at the man in a way that says: “How could you?” if a man wanted to get ahead of them. And that’s more effective than a kick in the groin. French women don’t have to prove it in public. They know they’re gonna win with charm.

A French woman, on average, is also better at practicing moderation.  She doesn’t over~eat, over~accessorize, or otherwise over~do things.

She does not feel pressured to change herself to fit some set of expectations or trends; she is comfortable going at her own pace and doing what is best for her.


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