The “It Girl”

You know her when you see her.

elegant night out...:

She is the girl or woman that all men want and all other women want to be.  She is the social butterfly, beautiful, charming, and seems to have it all.  She seems to be the epitome of feminine perfection, yet at the same time somehow still grounded and down to earth.

“She’s the definition of perfect, from her appearance to her personality, to the effect she has on guys.”

Everyone notices, and is drawn to her; heads turn and traffic stops as she walks by.

She exudes confidence, poise, and grace at all times.

Park Ave. Socialite's favorite store:

She is warm and friendly, but also not ~overly~ so.  She does not, as so many women unfortunately do, dear reader, divulge every aspect of her life.  She maintains a distance with her associates and friends, and that distance ensures that she is respected, as well as admired.  She understands that it is impossible for people to give her the level of respect that she deserves if they are allowed to be privy to the details of her life.  This information she shares only with a select few, those closest to her and that she knows she can trust.

She is wise in this way, and in others – she is not only beautiful and sociable, but also intelligent and a good person.  She isn’t arrogant or boastful about her strengths and many talents and positive qualities, however.

Rather she is gracious.

Brunch before Skiing In the Alps | LadyLuxuryDesigns:

She understands that it would be poor etiquette to flaunt all of her achievements, for example.  Instead, she approaches social interactions with the attitude that others are interesting and she has a genuine desire to hear what they have to say, rather than trying to convince them of her own worth.

She doesn’t feel this need, because she is already assured of her worth – she takes it as a given that both she and all those with whom she interact know that she is an “it girl” and therefore, there is no need for her to convince anyone.

This, dear reader, is one of the highest forms of self-confidence and self-assurance, and it tends to win a woman universal respect.

“It is nearly impossible to become that ‘it girl’ if you have not taken care of your emotional and spiritual well-being.  No amount of clothing, make-up, or poise can make up for it.”

Moreover, the “it girl” doesn’t feel a need to follow or copy others – she has her own ideas and opinions and she is the one that sets trends that others seem to end up following.  However, she does not set out to do this – rather she follows her own wishes and likes, doing what pleases her, and when others observe how well it works for her, they tend to attempt to emulate this.

☼☽ Pinterest: @isischiavon:

In essence, dear reader, the “it girl” originates things, she does not feel the need to jump on board or copy another woman – her own internal emotional, mental, and physical well-being and happiness is her guide instead.

She has her own goals and ambitions as well, but these are not all-consuming.  She is absolutely not the type-A personality running to and fro with a pressured mindset.   She is relaxed and understands that ambition must be tempered.  She values and makes time for other aspects of her life as well, and these include relationships and hobbies.

And finally, dear reader, the “it girl” is fun to be around.  This is part of her charm and magnetism.  She is positive and happy, and this tends to attract a large number of people.

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