How to be Beautiful

Every single woman has the potential to be beautiful, dear reader, both physically and otherwise.  (:

A sophisticated but also messy chignon, wore by whom ladies ... Keira knightley !!!:

And there are as many different versions of beautiful as there are women on the earth, dear reader (:

The reason why some seem to exceed others in this category is not, as it is widely assumed, because they are inherently more perfect or “naturally” beautiful.

On the contrary, dear reader, beauty is something that must be carefully and purposely developed in order to flourish in a woman.

The woman who is beautiful first and foremost, takes care of herself.  

Womens modest long sleeve  button up bowknot blouse. - Apostolic Clothing:

This means that:

  • she gets enough sleep
  • she eats healthily
  • she gets adequate, consistent and regular exercise
  • she has a healthy social life filled with caring and supportive friends and family
  • she does not overwork herself
  • she does not put herself in overly-stressful situations or transgress her limits and boundaries
  • she maintains proper hygiene
  • she takes time to “pamper” herself (even if in only small ways) on a daily basis

top knot + glamour.:

Furthermore, and most important, she has the correct mentality.

That is, she starts everything from the belief and genuine conviction that she is a beautiful creature deserving of admiration, respect, and love, most of all her own.

She takes time to appreciate herself for the amazing, intelligent, loving, caring, feminine woman that she is.  She sees herself as a prize and a treasure, and because she does, others follow her lead and do so as well.

She does not cut herself down or think critically of herself.

Enamored <3:

While not overstepping the bounds and descending into arrogance or narcissism, this woman has a healthy dose of vanity and she is not afraid to admit to herself or to others that she is indeed beautiful.

The day a woman becomes beautiful, dear reader, is the day that she decides to be.

After this step has been taken, the rest naturally follows and she does all she can to play up and flaunt her best attributes while also accepting or improving those that are not.

Scalloped cut out stilettos:


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