Pretty isn’t Enough

It is said, dear reader, that beauty and youth in a woman are like status and wealth in a man.

There is truth to this, no doubt, but dear reader, you should also be aware that it is simply not enough to be just pretty.

Love this outfit! So an office option with maybe some gray heels . . . or red:

A woman, if she is to have significance and really attract and hold on to a high value man, as well as to be a true queen, must also have intelligence, grace, style, taste, elegance, wisdom, and most of all class.


Without it, a woman is simply not a woman.  She is a thoughtless, and absent-minded girl who will need to depend on others.  A woman can cultivate her intelligence in many ways, dear reader, including formal study, self-education (through reading, online courses, etc.), and most of all through association with other intelligent and interesting people.  Most of what is learned, dear reader, is through contacts and associations.  A woman needs to include such associates in her network, not only for general interest and stimulation, but also so that she may be constantly improving her own intellect.


A woman and a queen, by definition, dear reader, have grace.  Grace is the ability to seem as though you are unruffled in any situation, and that you belong wherever it is you happen to be, and whomever it is you happen to be with, whether that is the First Lady or the ladies at the bar on a night out.  Grace entails having a thorough understanding of social niceties and of what must be done at all time in order to not to appear awkward, out of place, careless, or thoughtless.

Pearls,pearls ,pearls   ♥    emmascorsets:


A woman must have style dear reader.  And that is her own unique and signature style.  A great woman does not follow trends, she sets them; and she does this by cultivating her own brand.  She does this with taste, and within limits of course, but her outfits are a major way in which people identify and connect with her and her personality.


It goes without saying that a woman must also have taste.  A girl doesn’t know the difference between a luxury item and an every-day article.  A woman, on the other hand, absolutely has the quality of discernment and she has learned, either through careful teaching or through experience, how to appropriately value things, clothing, people, opportunities, and all other aspects in her life.  She understands that this is a vital and necessary skill, for without it she will certainly make mistakes, perhaps even struggle, and for sure not end up making it very far.


Elegance is an ease and acceptance of one’s position as a lady of standing.  Elegance is quiet and subtle, but also confident.  Rarely is the quality achieved without a significant level of maturity and class.

Work chic at KG Street Style = I USED to look like this ... alas, not so much anymore ... ::lesigh:: ... but ONE DAY ... I'm a hopeful PollyAnna!:


Wisdom is a highly important quality in a woman, no matter what her station in life, because it is often her wisdom that is called for in dealing with her own conflicts and those of others closest to her.  A woman cannot be a trusted advisor or confidant to her female friends or to her husband or boyfriend if she lacks this quality.  It is very possible for a woman to have intelligence, and yet lack wisdom, and no matter how great the former quality, she almost always suffers for that lack.


Last of all is class.  Class is knowing how to act appropriately in a variety of different situations that life may throw at you.  Contrary to what you may first assume, dear reader, class is not an exclusive monopoly of the upper class.  For example, class is a great lady hosting a tea, but it is also a young woman giving up her seat to an elderly person on the subway.

Dutchess Kate Middleton. This lady. I love her classiness & style so much.:


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