The Importance of Setting Goals

The high value woman of excellence, dear reader, sets goals.


She seeks to make a difference with her life, and she has a sense of purpose.

She has ambition, but not so much that it completely consumes her; she understands well the concept of balance and she makes sure she applies it in her own life.

What does a woman with vision and a set of goals look like, dear reader?

She is the busy woman picking up a cappuccino on the way to work at 8 o’clock in the morning, but she also also the woman who ventures out and tries something new for the first time.

No. This is not how you read. You get in comfortable clothes and a big sweater or blanket and then you read. You don't lay on a dock in your underwear with red satin and heels. This is wrong in so many ways.:

A woman understands the importance of constantly stretching herself and finding new ways to challenge herself.  She sets goals in every aspect of her life, from her relationship, to her career, to her health and family.

She doesn’t allow herself to get stuck into the “routine” of life.  She understands that life is all about growth and change, and rather than fight that fact or resist it, she changes along with it, and she works to change for the better, over time.

She takes both small and large steps to do this.

Not only does she define achievable goals for herself, she also plans and works towards making them happen.

This is a crucial step that many fail to follow through on, and then when little progress is made get unreasonably disappointed and discouraged by it.

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That may mean either a big career shift, or something as simple as exercising more to be healthier or joining an acting class for fun because it is outside of her comfort zone.

Obviously, goals and challenges are very personal, and specialized to each individual woman.

However, every woman who engages in active goal-setting, and then working to achieve them knows the rewards of doing so.  Yes, it requires effort (but what worthwhile, doesn’t, especially looking and feeling beautiful, dear reader!).  And there will, without a doubt, be disappointment and frustration along the way if the goals she has chosen are to help her grow in any meaningful way.

But that only makes success, when if finally comes, all the sweeter, dear reader.

Vector silhouette of young woman in elegant wedding dress Stock Photo

“Success is sweet: the sweeter if long delayed and attained through manifold struggles and defeats.”

And, dear reader, a growing and learning woman is a happy and successful one (:

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