Mr. Right

The selection of the “right” man, dear reader is very important to the high value of woman of excellence.

A man can have any and all parts of her if he only knows how to speak to her with not only his words but with physical affection and he can get her to do thing for him he only dreamt of if he would only know how to express himself in such that let's her know how much he wants her to himself...:

“I tell young women the most important decision you are going to make is who your life partner is.” – Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO

It is such an important decision, because choosing wisely can mean a lifetime of happiness and rewarding experiences and fulling growth together, but it will also have long-lasting implications should she choose to have children with this man.

Cuddling around the Fire - cute date:

If a woman is serious about someone, she needs to envision what type of father he would be as well.

However, before she gets too carried away with her analysis of “Mr. Right” she absolutely must be sure that she is Ms. Right and is therefore attracting the right type of men, as well.

Qualities that both Mr. and Ms. Right should possess include:

  • responsibility (plan things out carefully rather than impulsive decision-making)
  • personable, friendly, kind to each other
  • care about and support the other partner’s life goals, ambitions, and dreams
  • emotionally mature
  • good with children (if children are in the plan for the future)
  • are the the same page with the other partner about all aspects of the relationship
  • are a gentleman/lady
  • takes care of health, hygiene, physical appearance, etc
  • knows how to prioritize his/her life
  • treats the opposite sex with respect
  • makes an attempt to get to know your friends

For more pins like this follow Moriah Heckman❤:

The most important item here is probably that Mr. Right is supportive of your goals and hopes, dear reader.  A healthy partnership is one in which both people work with each other to improve and are supportive and caring.  A partnership in which one person doesn’t believe in the other is destined to fail, even if all else is there.


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