Respond, Don’t React (:

A woman, dear reader, responds rather than reacts. 


She thinks through situations carefully and strategically before making up her mind.  She is not impulse-driven.

That being said, she is also not one to vacillate when she has reached a decision.  She is someone who knows her mind, and will be flexible and change course if necessary, but she does this only if there is very good reason to.


She is realistic and pragmatic when she needs to be, dear reader.

This is because the dangers and negative implications of simply reacting, in knee-jerk fashion, are many.

“You’ve got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going,
’cause you might not get there.” – Yogi Berra

This will increase the opportunity for mistakes, put off the people close to you, and and make it difficult for you to get what you ultimately want.


A woman, in contrast, dear reader, behaves in a stable manner and thinks through her decisions and options before acting, without of course, over thinking to the point of “analysis paralysis.”

One good way to ensure that you are doing this, is to take a moment before doing anything when your first instinct is to react strongly.  Recognize the physical and emotional signs, and then pause, even leaving the area if need be

This is something you will undoubtedly be grateful for later (:


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