A woman, dear reader, trusts, but does not depend on anyone.


She is independent and her own woman, but she also lets others in; she doesn’t close herself off.

That being said, she is also wise and doesn’t ever reveal too much of herself to those whom she hasn’t yet tested.

Being independent includes emotional independence, as well as financial independence, dear reader.  Many women tend to think of money when they think of what it means to be independent, but the emotional aspect is perhaps far more important.


A woman who is emotionally independent can handle her own joys, sorrows and crises, and likely that of others as well.  This isn’t to say that she can never seek help or advice from others from time to time, but that she has things handled and managed on her own.

An emotionally dependent woman, for example, might not be able to cope with a stressful situation, for example a difficult break-up.  She needs others for support, to the extent that she might not be able to carry out her normal activities otherwise.


An emotionally independent woman would still feel the same emotions following the break-up (loss, regret, sorrow, etc.), but she would be able to manage them and put them aside when need be, to deal with them at a later, more appropriate point.  She wouldn’t let it interfere with her well-being and she would move on in a respsible and mature way.

Emotional independence, dear reader, is arguably a necessary precursor to financial independence.  A woman who has difficulty managing her emotions will undoubtedly have difficulty managing anything, money included.

A woman who is financially independent understands how to budget and live within her means.  She doesn’t overspend or take on irresponsible debt (this is as opposed to responsible debt which might include university education costs, for example) and she lives within her means.


She has learned to do this, dear reader, because she values her freedom and indepence.  She doesnt put herself in positions, financially or otherwise, that are too much ofa risk.  She isn’t afraid to take intelligent and calculated risks, but she also knows that she will be much happier and in much better health and well-being if she is the one ultimately directing her own life and making the decisions.  This is too important of a task to leave to others.

“My advice to women in general: Even if you’re doing a nine-to-five job, treat yourself like a boss. Not arrogant, but be sure of what you want – and don’t allow people to run anything for you without your knowledge.” – Nicki Minaj



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