Feminine “wiles”

Before an explanation of exactly what feminine wiles are, and how to develop and use them, dear reader, you must understand that they are only a tool and must be treated with discretion and caution.

Like any other tool, they may be misused – this is your warning to use your powers appropriately and wisely, dear reader (;


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A woman with carefully cultivated feminine wiles is a woman who knows how to use her gender and her femininity to her advantage, both to get what she wants, and to fight for what is right and good.  There are some women who abuse their powers, but those who do you will find, dear reader, develop a distasteful reputation that prevents them from ever coming close in grace and charm to the women who use their charms tactfully.

wile, dear reader, has a generally negative connotation, fitting with its definition as “a stratagem or trick intended to deceive or ensnare.”

However, the word also has a secondary definition and meaning: “to influence or lead” or “a disarming or seductive manner, device, or procedure.”

You may think of the feminine wiles as anything you do or say, dear reader, to disarm whoever it is you are trying to influence, whether that be your husband/boyfriend, a child, or anyone else.  And it is arguably much more distasteful to try to force your will on another person, than to gently coax and influence them, dear reader.


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You have surely seen a young mother with several small children in tow, attempting and failing to get them to behave by yelling at them and acting in a threatening manner.  Isn’t the mother who devises a game to distract her children or promises a treat later if they are good the much better and more civilized caretaker?

Other ways a woman might use her feminine wiles are when she gently coaxes her husband, asking if he is stressed and needs a massage rather than approaching him angrily or forcefully in attempt to get him to empathize with her and see from her point of view.

It is honestly shocking how many women continue to believe that this will work when it goes so much against human nature that it fails virtually every time.


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You will find, dear reader, that you feminine wiles will be much more effective at getting you what it you that you desire.  Pushing others, or directly asking for what you want sometimes works, but more often than not it fails miserably and tends to irritate and alienate all involved.

Never win by force, dear reader, what can be taken without a fight:

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

This is much like the common saying, “pick your battles”, dear reader.  By using your feminine wiles for common and every-day issues, you save your energy for the “battles” that are truly significant and matter.


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