A woman doesn’t compete

A woman, dear reader, does not compete with her fellow women, and she does not compete with a man either.

She doesn’t have to.

“Because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her.”

If there is any sort of “competition” going on, it is against herself and herself alone.


Debutante hairstyles. Used for my 2013 deb. Was perfect.:


She is always trying to  be better, but a better version of herself.  She is trying to be a better woman, daughter, wife, mother, friend, etc. than she was yesterday.  She is so busy working towards her own goals and dreams that she has no time for petty squabbles with others.

Instead, she is a woman with purpose and vision.

She has figured out what truly matters to her and her life, and she’s devoted herself to that, whatever it may be.


♛ ♛ d e b u t a n t e d i a r i e s {Spoiled? Sure! Little Miss Debutante}:


Such a woman, dear reader, is unfortunately very rare.  It is very easy to get caught up in others’ affairs, especially if your own goals seem far-fetched or to require a lot of hard effort to achieve.

“A woman is likely to mind her own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, she takes her mind off her own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.”

This is the regrettable truth, dear reader.

It is only a woman who does not feel that her own activities and her own life are fulfilling and interesting and captivate all of her creative energies that she must turn her focus and attention to another.

The woman who is completely and totally engrossed in her own life, on the other hand, is often wildly envied for precisely this reason.  Others wish to compete with her because they intuitively understand that she has “it” – that it that they so desperately want themselves – a rich a fulfilling life.


I know this isn't a dance image...but it could be...:


However, focusing attention away from one’s own affairs to “compete” or even envy/admire another woman will never help, dear reader.  It only serves to increase the awe of the woman in question.

If you wish to work towards being such a woman, dear reader, you may begin by pretending to be her – even if you truly are not yet engrossed with your own concerns and follow the news of every passing trend, you will soon seem to have it and will find that this tends to have a reinforcing behavior (:


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4 thoughts on “A woman doesn’t compete

  1. Bless your beloved soul! This concept seems to not exist at times in the women of today. But I thank God for you and the infinite wisdom He gave you. Women should complement men not compete with them. Women have the power to build their man up and make him indestructible. She also has the power to break his fragile masculinity. In a relationship, men want power and women want love, the relationship works by exchanging the two. Women give their power to their trustworthy man to fulfill their needs and men sacrifice and devote their lives to serving, protecting, and leading their woman. Great article thank you so much!



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