How to get rid of any insecurity

Many women, dear reader, are unfortunately plagued with dozens of insecurities.

And even worse than the negative emotions these insecurities cause, they too often hold women back from living their lives fully and achieving their potential as great and high-value women.




The problem with insecurities, dear reader, is that they are rooted in a sense of shame.

And this shame is what must be overcome.

It is often so deeply ingrained, however, that it seems nearly impossible.

No matter the insecurity, whether it be a physical defect, being overweight, or some other “flaw” what first must be done, dear reader, is that you must give yourself permission to feel the way you do about it.

A level of acceptance must be reached.  Whatever the subject of the insecurity, in order to let go of it and truly overcome it, you must first come to the point where you step outside of yourself to view it, and have a reaction that is best approximated by the phrase “so what.” (:


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No flaw or perceived one, dear reader, is worth putting yourself down over and definitely is not worth putting your life on hold for, in any way.

And no circumstance or flaw is all your own fault. Sure, some of it (or maybe a large part of it) was due to your own actions and choices or patterns of behavior, but a part of it was created by external factors that were out of your control.

Once you understand the truth of this, you stop blaming yourself – you forgive yourself and by doing so take back your own power.

This isn’t to say that you need to celebrate or display to the world proudly your defects and faults, dear reader.  Unhealthy conditions, shame, and unhappiness are not matters for commemoration.


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After you have stopped blaming yourself, you are free to take positive action to either correct the insecurity or to embrace it if you can’t do anything about it.

Once you are taking action and have given yourself permission to feel as you do, no one will be able to use your insecurities against you, dear reader.

In fact, you will learn in time, that that is the entire basis of most insecurities; and anyone who criticizes you or attempts to make you feel bad about some aspect of yourself, dear reader, is likely only attempting to steal your power from you.  They do it because it is so effective, so much of the time.


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Once you realize this, though, you will see it for what it is and understand that even if any criticism does have any basis in reality, most detractors do not truly care about your “flaws” – they simply want to throw you off-balance in order to feel empowered themselves.

There are many ways to counter such criticism, dear reader.  Most effective, is to simply ask and understand where your critic is coming from. Often they are attacking you or subtly belittling you because their is a deeper issue of their own that needs addressing.  However, this is not always the case, and when that’s true the best defense is a well-bred and cultured indifference which will undoubtedly infuriate them (:


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