Perfume, dear reader, has the power to transform (:

It turns the dull and every-day into the fascinating and charming.


25 Best Perfumes  Scent can be a very personal thing -- what makes one person feel like a goddess can make another gag -- but some fragrances are (almost) universally loved. From designer perfume brands like Chanel and Dior to more discount fragrances by Aveda and Mary Kay, see which top beauty products our readers love most.:


A woman, dear reader, is often known by the perfume she wears; it is a signature.

“It creates a shimmering invisible armor that lingers in a room long after its wearer has gone and infuses our imagination with a subtle power, hinting at a hidden identity.”

What is perhaps so appealing about a woman’s perfume, dear reader, is its subtlety.

It is enough to notice and become aware of, but it stops there; unlike perhaps some other accessories, it is designed to attract attention to the woman wearing it, not to the object itself.

It is therefore important to select the right scent, both for one-self and for the occasion.

It is worth it to visit a high-end perfume retailer and spend some time carefully going through the various products, testing them to determine which is the best fit for you.


A snoozy vase gets an elegant makeover when you print out a sticker that makes it look like a perfume bottle. Can't make stickers in your printer? Draw a label on a piece of heavy paper and use glass glue.:


Remember, dear reader, that nowhere is the maxim “quality over quantity” more true than in the search for one’s perfume.

Several bottles of well-chosen perfume may last a woman years (:

Hastily choosing the wrong ones, though, will likely result in a purchase that goes unused, rarely used, or must be thrown out.

It is worth stressing, dear reader, that it absolutely does not pay to be cheap when shopping for a perfume.

Perfumes can be anywhere from light, flirty, and playful to deep, moody, and dramatic.

They are often categorized by flavor as either citrus, sweet or fruity, floral, woodsy, oriental, spicy, and fresh, but there are also different forms of the product that you should be familiar with as well (taken from


Beautiful perfume bottle:



Parfum, also known as extrait de parfum or pure perfume, has the highest fragrance concentration. Parfum will contain anywhere from 15% to 40% fragrance however concentration is generally between 20% to 30% for most parfums. Of all scents, parfums last the longest; usually six to eight hours. Parfum generally also commands the highest price of all the fragrance types due to the high concentration of fragrance. People with sensitive skin may do better with parfums as they have far less alcohol than other fragrance types and therefore are not as likely to dry out the skin.

Eau de Parfum

After parfum, eau de parfum (EDP) has the next highest concentration of fragrance. Eau de parfum generally has a fragrance concentration of between 15% and 20%. On average, eau de parfum will last for four to five hours. It is also generally less expensive that parfum and while it does have a higher concentration of alcohol than parfum, it is better for sensitive skin than other fragrance types. Eau de parfum is one of the most common fragrance types and is suitable for everyday wear.


How to make your perfume last—on your skin and on the shelf:


Eau de Toilette

Eau de toilette (EDT) has a fragrance concentration of between 5% and 15%. It is cheaper than eau de parfum and is one of the most popular types of fragrance available. EDT fragrance will normally last for two to three hours. Eau de toilette is considered by some to be for daywear while eau de parfum is considered nightwear. The term eau de toilette came from the French term “faire sa toilette” which means getting ready.

Eau de Cologne

Eau de cologne, or EDC, has a much lower concentration of fragrance than the above types of perfume. EDC generally has a 2% to 4% percent concentration of fragrance and a high concentration of alcohol. It is cheaper than other types of fragrance however the scent generally only lasts for up to two hours. EDC generally comes in bigger bottles and more of the fragrance needs to be used. Originally eau de cologne referred to a traditional recipe that used herb and citrus notes with little anchoring with base notes.


drew barrymore fragrance | Drew Barrymore Adds Fragrances To Flower Beauty Collection Making Us ...does it smell nice?  hopefully not overpowering --  can't imagine it is knowing her disposition!:


Eau Fraiche

Eau fraiche is similar to eau de cologne in that the scent will generally last for up to two hours. Eau fraiche has an even lower concentration of fragrance than eau de cologne, normally only 1% to 3%. While eau fraiche has a low fragrance concentration, it does not contain a high amount of alcohol. Along with the fragrance, the remainder of eau fraiche is mostly water.


“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” – Coco Chanel


Happy perfume shopping (:





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