The Allure of the Cat-Woman

Women, dear reader, have been associated with cats since the antiheroine character was first invented in the Batman series.

Perhaps more widely known now from the 2004 film in which Halle Berry starred as the central “Catwoman”, the juxtaposition in society’s mind about women and cats is certainly fascinating.


Amanda Seyfried by Vincent Peters for Glamour Spain November 2015:


Look at the graceful movements of a cat. Observe the lazy seductive stretches of its body. Cats are the natural exhibitors of female sex appeal. Any woman wanting to learn seductive female body language could learn well from observing a cat, and carry herself in a similar fashion. Humans have always been seduced by this appeal of these creatures from history.

Cats, dear reader, have been judged to be very feminine creatures (after all, they are referred to as felines), and if a woman would like to act in a more feminine manner, she would do well to observe and incorporate the sleek grace and cold independence of a cat.

Cats, unlike dogs, can take care of themselves; they spend many hours of each day grooming and in general, seem far less dependent upon their human owners to provide for them.

Cats can seem very self-absorbed as well, and unlike dogs do not lavish constant attention on their owner.  Instead, they go about their business and make it known when they want affection by rubbing against one’s legs, purring loudly, or staring intently with large and transfixing eyes.


Most importantly, dear reader, if you wish to act in the same feline manner of the cat (or catwoman), then it is necessary for you to be independent, emotionally, financially, and otherwise, as this is what will enable you to bargain for love and affection only when and how you want it, rather than tolerating less that what you both desire and deserve (:

Try picking up a cat at any time, and see how it will scratch you. A cat’s affection for you is essentially an act of investment on it’s end.  Cats only need affection on their own terms.


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