A Woman of Action

The feminine woman of excellence, dear reader, is a woman of action.

She not only dreams, and plans, but she does something about it.  She goes after what it is she wants, instead of simply waiting for it.


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She knows that life is not likely to hand her the things she wants, and this is why she takes matters into her own hands.

Almost everyone knows what it is to be a “man of action,” but there doesn’t seem to be the equivalent “woman of action.”

However, she does exist, dear reader, and all successful women are successful because they’ve taken some sort of action to make themselves that way.

Success doesn’t happen on it’s own.  It’s been said often enough, but it’s true, dear reader – you must work for success.  And working means more than just preparing, reading, and learning.  While these are all good, without actual action, they’re worthless.


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The woman who simply reads internet articles associated with dieting and exercise, but never takes any concrete steps to implementing a healthier lifestyle is not a woman of action, dear reader.

It does not matter how small the steps of action are, dear reader, as long as you do something.  

In the above scenario, a change as simple as incorporating a 30 minute jog into your schedule once a week is better than reading all the articles and magazines about healthy living there is.

Many women become paralyzed because they don’t see this.  They think in all-or-nothing terms.  They either must become health-nuts who go to the gym on a daily basis, or they do nothing at all.


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The problem with this, dear reader, and the reason why it’s bound to paralyze you, is that it sets you up for failure.

It’s too abrupt a change; goals and any lifestyle changes must be done incrementally.  Progress happens over time, not overnight, and having such high expectations immediately will without a doubt create feelings of discouragement and inadequacy that will make it hard to continue.

The reason why successful women are all women of action, dear reader, is because what you do and the action you take is the only thing that has any real power at all.

Think about it, dear reader.  We measure both ourselves and others in our society in terms of what they have done, not what they wish to do or what they say they will do, or even what they are planning to do.

Say you want to quit your job and start your own business, and you will receive maybe some occasional and passing attention.  But actually do it, and then you will be taken seriously and you have the opportunity to do something that you are truly proud of.


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Few women actually pursue their goals and ambitions in this fashion because they simply don’t think it’s that simple.  They make excuses for themselves because the task seems too daunting, or because it seems easier to simply talk about it, learn more about it second-hand, than to actually implement it.

But this is unfortunate, dear reader, because often the hardest part about anything is simply starting it.  Once that initial plunge has been taken, you are focused on the day-to-day things of how to make it work, rather than an infinite number of variables and possibilities that you can’t possibly plan our beforehand.  Most of us, dear reader, are a lot more capable than we think we are, and our goals and ambitions are a lot more manageable and achievable than we think they are, as long as we approach them a little bit at a time rather than all at once (:

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One thought on “A Woman of Action

  1. I’m a firm believer: “the hardest part about anything is simply starting it”. Nothing can be accomplished by simply wishing for it. You have to start even if its just a small step.


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