Earning Respect in a Relationship

Too many women, dear reader, often complain of a lack of “respect” in a relationship.


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They feel underappreciated, and resentful because they know that this is not how things should be.  They should be cherished, adored, and treasured – they are women after all.

It can be incredibly frustrating to feel as though you should be doing something in order to garner more respect as a woman in a relationship dear reader.

But often, the real answer is that you should be doing less.

Such situations can be created when the man senses that the woman has more of her heart, emotions, etc. invested in the relationship than he does.

Knowing this, he may watch her grow frustrated, but do nothing to change his behavior.


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What you must do, dear reader, if you want a change in the dynamic, is to shift the focus away from him and back to yourself.

There are many ways you can go about this.

The first and perhaps most immediately effective way to make a man “step up his game” and work to treat you better, dear reader, is to make him feel less sure of your emotional investment in him.

This isn’t necessarily the solution for all women, dear reader, so it is said with caution: making yourself seem available to other men and less interested in him will without a doubt capture his attention and concern him in a way that perhaps nothing else will.

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“The woman who gets what she wants needs to be earned.  The guy knows that if he doesn’t bring his best, there’s another guy who will happily bring his best and win you away from him.  If you’re not getting what you want in your relationship, there’s nothing wrong with leaving yourself open to allowing a man to come along and actually give you what you’re looking for.  Ironically, when you have that mentality, that’s what makes a man snap into action and start working to please you and keep you happy.  He knows that if he doesn’t, another man will steal you away.  Plus, it’s a win-win for you – he either steps up to the plate and puts in the effort you want or you discover that he actually was a dead-end (and would have never stepped up) and you end up with a guy who actually does want to give you the relationship you wanted.”

If this feels like too much, or going to far, dear reader, you can also try to distance yourself emotionally in other ways, ways that will also tend to create a healthier lifestyle for you regardless.


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You can spend more time out with girlfriends, pursuing hobbies that you have always been interested, or your career.  In general, putting the focus on areas of your life that you enjoy will help you – just remember that some of these accomplishments you can keep to and for yourself – you don’t have to appraise your significant other of everything you partake in.  Leave some room for mystery in order to keep him guessing and on his toes (:



5 thoughts on “Earning Respect in a Relationship

  1. Isn’t there something, though, to not playing games and just engaging in open and honest communication with your partner about what you feel you deserve and aren’t getting? Then you might actually learn why your partner is withholding respect, rather than attempting to “earn” it by distancing yourself emotionally from that partner.

    If there’s something here I do agree with, it’s this: “In general, putting the focus on areas of your life that you enjoy will help you – just remember that some of these accomplishments you can keep to and for yourself – you don’t have to appraise your significant other of everything you partake in.” No person should be defined solely by their partner; by cultivating the self, you actually do work towards earning respect! 🙂

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  2. Communication is in deed key in any relationship, but it is also good to step back and put focus into things you really enjoy when you start getting overwhelmed worrying about being respected. Take a breather, then come back and talk with your partner.


  3. I think the point is that pursuing your hobbies and generally not suffering as a silent doormat is the behaviour of someone who respects themselves first. We teach other people how to treat us. Having a conversation with another person about what you feel you deserve will be agreed with at the time but quickly forgotten. It won’t stick unless you consistently behave as though that level of respect is unquestionable. This isn’t playing attention seeking games, it’s just bringing it back to a strong sense of inner integrity. Other people will fall into line and give you the respect you deserve.


  4. in love with your blog already ❤ i'm a feminized (ex) male who is more and more dressed as a woman and i believe it's a privilege for me to wear women's clothes and makeup. i think women are naturally the superior sex and that more women should use their powers to take the lead in relationships and that the men should do more work to adore and work harder for the woman's attentions. I think that woman could easily do it and should believe in themselves.

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