Listening to Your Own Inner Voice

One unmistakeable quality of the feminine woman of excellence is that she is able to take into consideration the thoughts and ideas she hears from others and from the world at large, without immediately absorbing them into her belief-system.  She carefully considers, thinks things over, and then decides if she agrees or not.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

Unfortunately many women are not quite there yet.




On a date, for example, when asked to select your food, instead of looking through your options and selecting what you want, you either pick with the intention of catering to your company, or even worse, you leave the decision up to him entirely.

Not all women are like this of course, however women often give up their power by not consulting their own minds, thoughts, wishes, and desires first in other ways.

Your friends and family suggest you go to places, and you simply “go with the flow” rather than thinking through whether or not you really want to; you listen to people you consider authority figures or people within your network or friend group whom you look up to express their opinions and then take these as gospel without thinking them through.

What you need to do is break out of this adolescent habit by asking yourself in all cases, what is it that I think, and what do I want?  Does what I have seen and experienced in life validate the opinion being put forwards? Does this make sense, on an intuitive level to me?


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Sadly too many women discredit their own opinions and somehow believe that another knows what’s best for them.  By the way, even hiring a professional to manage an aspect of your life does not absolve you of the responsibility of understanding the dynamics and making important decisions for yourself – for instance, even if you hire a financial professional or a doctor, you are still ultimately responsible for the state of your finances and health, respectively.


“You must become less susceptible to influences outside of yourself and more inclined to trust the instincts and feelings that lie within you.”


5 thoughts on “Listening to Your Own Inner Voice

  1. Jesus, it’s like the universe always shows me exactly what I need to see RIGHT when I need to see it. I’ve been struggling with this exact issue for years, even moreso the past few weeks as I’ve been consciously working on changing this are of myself. It’s hard work, but I know it needs to be done. This was so helpful, thank you so much for the encouraging reminder.

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  4. Power is not a material possession that can be given, it is the ability to act. Power must be taken.Empower yourself – others will understand that you respect yourself and will empower you as well. If you don’t want something, say “no”. If you do want it, say “yes”, Never leave others in doubt as to where you stand. Power is yours for the taking. Stand tall and be true to yourself. Don’t back down when you know you are right and take accountability for your actions when you are wrong. What’s the worst that can happen? You get to do it over! No problem!

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