How to Stop Allowing Your Past to Hold You Back

Unfortunately, dear reader, many women are still held back by things that happened to them in the past, choices they made in the past, or who they were in the past.

In addition, they can be deterred or made to feel less about themselves by naysayers who bring up these topics.

The day you realize, dear reader, that you are never obligated to be the person that you were, that you are never chained to who you were in the past, is the day that none of that can have any power over  you any longer.




“It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from; all that matters is where you’re going.  Never allow yourself to be slowed down or held back by events that have occurred in your past.  Learn from them and let them go.  Resolve to keep yourself focused on the future and where you are going.  Because your future is limited only by your imagination, there are no limits to what you can achieve in the months and years ahead.”


The first step to take is total ownership and responsibility of who you were.  You can do this now because you understand that accepting and admitting the reality of the choices you made, the things that happened in your life does not mean that that is who you are now and who you will be.  It is no longer you.  It is who you were.


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Once you learn how to separate your sense of identity from that, you stop being defensive.  You let go.  You don’t try to hide or lie from whatever happened in the past, and you are able to move forwards.

And when you move forwards, there is no longer any need to analyze those events, over-think them, try to figure out what could have been done differently, or constantly talk about them with whoever you think can help you.

You have dealt with the problem by making the decision on an identity level.  All you really must do, dear reader, is state to yourself, and believe it, “that’s not who I truly am.”


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