Stop Waiting to Be Rescued

The feminine woman of excellence, dear reader, has learned one important truth in life, and that is no one is going to come to her rescue.

What this means is that she understands that no one is going to come along and give her what she wants in life, whether that be her ideal job, ideal man, ideal home, or ideal car.


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She realizes and fully accepts the responsibility that she is going to have to go out and make those things happen, for herself.

For instance, if she is unhappy with her current job or social life, she doesn’t sit around and wait or pray or hope for it to miraculously get better.  She takes some time to figure out what it is that she does want, and then plans and takes actionable steps to move towards that.

Many women, dear reader, will complain about certain aspects of their job for example, and say things along the lines of “I deserve better”, “I deserve more money”, or “I am capable of much more than this”.


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A feminine woman of excellence has learned that this is in fact a form of dependency, and she eschews it.  She understands that dissatisfaction can be an important first step in any sort of change – after all if you don’t come to terms with your true feelings and be honest with yourself first, you won’t be empowered to do anything – however she doesn’t get stuck there.

She takes steps to change her situation even if those may be small at first.
She realizes that small actions taken or any sort of planning is better than doing nothing at all.  So she spends 10 minutes updating her resume.  And then the next week she looks at a few job posts and talks to several people in her network whom she trusts about what else she might do.

And gradually over time, these small actions will build up to larger ones and end up in her getting what it is she wants.




The same applies in a relationship.  If she is unhappy with her current relationship, she doesn’t lie to herself and tell her that things are fine or will miraculously get better if she simply sits and waits patiently.

She figures out what specifically she doesn’t like and addresses those issues openly.  A grown woman in charge of her destiny does not sit back – she opens her mouth and verbalizes exactly how she feels and is prepared to handle the consequences whatever those may be.  This is often scary for many women, because to do this means that you are risking what you have – having an important discussion on this level can result in wonderful changes to your relationship for the better, but it also means you need to take that risk.




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