Feminine Insight

You may have heard of the term feminine intuition, but the feminine woman of excellence has feminine insight as well dear reader.




Insight is defined as the understanding of a specific cause and effect, in context or the apprehending of the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding.

Feminine insight is the gift or ability that a feminine woman of excellence has in identify a situation for what it is (or Seeing Things As They Are) and responding appropriately.  The feminine woman is also insightful, meaning that she is perceptive.  She reflects often and understands the interconnectedness of all of life.


Tone down the makeup, remove the earrings, and this would be perfect:


The advantage of having insight is that the feminine woman of excellence spots patterns more quickly and instantly read any situation, be it an interpersonal conflict, a relationship issue, or even a workplace problem she’s been tasked to solve.

“People in a better mood are more likely to solve problems by insight.”

“Research has shown sleep to help produce insight.”


She takes care of herself and her body first and foremost, with right diet, nutrition, exercise, and sleep.


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This can sometimes be easier said than done, however.  Proper self-care truly requires management of all aspects of one’s life and will be covered separately. (:


How to Build a Network, and Why You Need One

The intelligent woman of excellence, dear reader, builds a network.   As a child you were probably taught that you needed to make friends, but that’s not necessarily true; even more important to your health and wellbeing is your ability to be smart and build a network.

To clarify before going in depth as to how to develop a network, first it is important to understand what a network is and is not.  A network is not the people you would simply consider friends to hang out with casually, go for drinks, or share stories with, though these people might be part of your network.  In other words, it is possible for someone to be a part of your network and also simply a friend, but not everyone in your network is necessarily someone you would call a “friend” in the traditional sense and not every friend makes a valuable connection that you would want in your network.


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A network is also not the group of people you are connected with on LinkedIn, Facebook, or another other platform, though the same applies – they may exist in those places.

network is a compilation of contacts that you have collected over time.  Many people approach networking with the mentality that you simply reach out to potential employers or potential clients.  However, this is far too limited.

The contacts in your network should also include people that may play a part in your life somewhere down the line as employees, investors, advisors, mentors, other networkers or extremely well connected people who can connect you to others.


Jefferson Chamber of Commerce Gala hits the turf |


Everything of worth that has ever been accomplished, dear reader, has been done so through the help and support of many other people.  There is no such thing as a “self made man” or a lone success story.  The wonderful and progressive accomplishments in life will not happen without a well-developed network.

This is something that has been too misunderstood and mistakenly interpreted in a number of other ways including “social climbing.”  Social climbing, for instance, implies that you are seeking out contacts to advance only yourself and that you aren’t really concerned with any larger goals beyond yourself.


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That’s not what true networking, good networking looks like.  Generally, those intentions come across fairly obviously and tend to block any meaningful connections anyhow.  Good networking is done out of the spirit of authenticity – your purpose is greater than yourself; you want to accomplish some larger goal or dream for the good of humanity, and you know there are others out there that will be willing to support that same goal or dream.  It may be something you have in mind now, or it could be something you develop in the future.  It could be anything from the simple desire to have a particular sort of job so that you can develop your own self and contribute value to a company and the economy, or it could be that you’d like to solve a larger problem for society, perhaps a social issue, or a technological problem, and would like to start a company to do so.

Networking is by far one of the best investments you can make as a feminine woman of excellence; in most cases it is completely free, and it can be a great way to meet and make friends with the high-quality people who care about society and are pushing themselves to grow as well, even if nothing ever comes to fruition with them in a purely business sense.  Moreover, you yourself will become a more interesting, engaged, and well-informed person if you do this.


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Now to transition into how to network.  This is also important because many people get it wrong.  Perhaps the one most important thing to understand is that networking is about you learning from others that you meet.  It is an opportunity to find out what they do, what sort of business they are in, what motivates them, what key issues they are facing, and any number of other topics.  The key is to step back and listen, and to get them talking.  Be curious and genuinely interested!

Of course, when asked about your goals, aspirations, and current projects you should be confident and be able to clearly state what defines you, but one of the worst ways to shoot yourself in the foot while networking is to walk into a room full of people and leave with a sore jaw, yet no additional knowledge or real information about the people you’ve met.  You must make a meaningful connection.  Think of it a bit as you would dating, however here the end goal is not to meet a future spouse but people to do business with and friends.

Some great places to start are your local chamber of commerce, local seminars, conferences, or community and business events.  Many events are listed under Eventbrite, as well as your city’s major newspapers and business publications.

Happy networking! (:




Listening to Your Own Inner Voice

One unmistakeable quality of the feminine woman of excellence is that she is able to take into consideration the thoughts and ideas she hears from others and from the world at large, without immediately absorbing them into her belief-system.  She carefully considers, thinks things over, and then decides if she agrees or not.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

Unfortunately many women are not quite there yet.




On a date, for example, when asked to select your food, instead of looking through your options and selecting what you want, you either pick with the intention of catering to your company, or even worse, you leave the decision up to him entirely.

Not all women are like this of course, however women often give up their power by not consulting their own minds, thoughts, wishes, and desires first in other ways.

Your friends and family suggest you go to places, and you simply “go with the flow” rather than thinking through whether or not you really want to; you listen to people you consider authority figures or people within your network or friend group whom you look up to express their opinions and then take these as gospel without thinking them through.

What you need to do is break out of this adolescent habit by asking yourself in all cases, what is it that I think, and what do I want?  Does what I have seen and experienced in life validate the opinion being put forwards? Does this make sense, on an intuitive level to me?


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Sadly too many women discredit their own opinions and somehow believe that another knows what’s best for them.  By the way, even hiring a professional to manage an aspect of your life does not absolve you of the responsibility of understanding the dynamics and making important decisions for yourself – for instance, even if you hire a financial professional or a doctor, you are still ultimately responsible for the state of your finances and health, respectively.


“You must become less susceptible to influences outside of yourself and more inclined to trust the instincts and feelings that lie within you.”

Femininity at the Office

No matter if you work in a masculine-dominated corporate environment, or a more traditionally feminine one, it is to your advantage, dear reader, to play up your womanly attributes.

Red and black outfit!:

A woman who dresses modestly but stylishly and is not afraid to display her femininity will be more respected by her coworkers, male and female, and in all likelihood will be happier and better paid.

Unfortunately, many women see their gender and sexuality as something they need to hide, mask, or sabotage in order to advance themselves at work and in their careers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is worth stating, however, that there is an appropriate and classy way to demonstrate femininity; a woman should never violate her company dress code and revealing too much or being overtly sexual is simply tasteless under any circumstance.

A woman will perform her best at work when she is both comfortably dressed and is allowed to express herself as a woman through her dress.  Looking and acting like a man is unnatural for any women and will result in immediate and obvious health issues that her body will display even if she herself chooses to deny that fact.

Red pin skirt for work:

A woman is most relaxed, calm, and in control of herself and her surroundings when she accepts herself as a female, dresses accordingly in a way that makes her feel beautiful, and doesn’t fear or shirk from her natural feminine power.

First and foremost, a women should always look neat and clean.  Clothing should fit well and nothing should clash or look out of place.  She should also make sure that she is always well-groomed, taking meticulous care of her personal hygiene, dental health, hair, and make-up.  A woman should take the time needed in the morning to look her best – this means waking up on time and going to sleep early enough so that she looks rested and refreshed and can face the day with a positive attitude.

Too many women neglect their personal well-being, appearance, and health and go to work looking and feeling tired and rushed.  It may seem selfish to put your needs above those of your husband, children, and family, but remember dear reader, that if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.  There is a reason why airline passengers are instructed to first put on their own facemasks, and then assist children in the event of an emergency – it is more efficient and will save lives.  Likewise, when you are feeling and looking your best, you have the most to offer others, whether it be at home or at the office.

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