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Feminine Insight

You may have heard of the term feminine intuition, but the feminine woman of excellence has feminine insight as well dear reader.




Insight is defined as the understanding of a specific cause and effect, in context or the apprehending of the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding.

Feminine insight is the gift or ability that a feminine woman of excellence has in identify a situation for what it is (or Seeing Things As They Are) and responding appropriately.  The feminine woman is also insightful, meaning that she is perceptive.  She reflects often and understands the interconnectedness of all of life.


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The advantage of having insight is that the feminine woman of excellence spots patterns more quickly and instantly read any situation, be it an interpersonal conflict, a relationship issue, or even a workplace problem she’s been tasked to solve.

“People in a better mood are more likely to solve problems by insight.”

“Research has shown sleep to help produce insight.”


She takes care of herself and her body first and foremost, with right diet, nutrition, exercise, and sleep.


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This can sometimes be easier said than done, however.  Proper self-care truly requires management of all aspects of one’s life and will be covered separately. (:


Seeing Things As They Are

One trait that will truly advance you in life, dear reader, is the ability to see things as they really are instead of how you may wish them to be or assume them to be.




Such objectivity requires maturity and even courage in many situations, and is harder to practice than it is to understand.

“One may know how to conquer without being able to do it.” – Sun Tzu

Facing the truth of a situation is the first step towards any kind of progress or change.  And it is often difficult, even scary.  It means shattering a bit of your own ego, and while it will benefit you in the long-run, the immediate effect can be intense pain.  To admit to yourself something true that you don’t like hurts.  It also means that you’re no longer giving yourself the option to tolerate it – admitting the truth to yourself often forces you into change, change that you may not feel ready for; to let go of the false illusion you’ve been holding on to will create a sense of loss that you must mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and materially deal with.


Something I definitely always do to calm me during moments of shyness:


“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” – Confucius

For example, admitting to yourself that your relationship is rocky and has more downs than ups will create pain, especially if you have been pretending things are perfect and rationalizing it to yourself for a long time.  What’s more, when you truly look at the situation for what it is, you will realize that you are losing something that you never fully had in reality, but only thought you did.  It is actually a gain, but it won’t feel like it at the time.

As long as you pretend and lie to yourself, the more you rob yourself of the chance for real progress and greater happiness.


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“The wise men of antiquity, when they wished to make the whole world peaceful and happy, first put their own States into proper order.  Before putting their States into proper order, they regulated their own families.  Before regulating their families, they regulated themselves.  Before regulating themselves, they tried to be sincere in their thoughts.  Before being sincere in their thoughts, they tried to see things exactly as they really were.” – Confucius

You must have the courage, dear reader, to face the truth and the confidence that you will be able to handle the consequences.  If you can’t handle the truth, you won’t be able to handle anything.

How To Craft a Cover Letter

As a feminine woman of excellence, dear reader, you will at some point be required to either write or read a cover letter.  It is a very formulaic writing form, and you should be familiar with its main components, format, and structure.

The 10 Worst Things You Can Do When You Start a Job. I don't take Cosmo seriously but these are actually good tips and ones that I've learned along the way. The Don't tell everyone your personal business right when you start and making yourself available all hours. I'm a private person but I've seen people crash and burn from spilling too much at the start. And people that act like they know ALL. Just read it!

The cover letter is a one-page introduction that demonstrates interest in a particular position or company and lets an employer know who you are and what you have to offer them.  It is sent with a resume, and at its basic level, is a request for an interview.

While it is about the writer’s qualifications and interest, it should be tailored to the company or employing agent.  At a very minimum, the author should show evidence of having thoroughly reviewed the company website.  Lack of research and preparation, dear reader, will be immediately obvious to the experienced manager, and will demonstrate that the potential employee is not fully committed to the cause, or worse, is hasty, cursory, or thoughtless in nature.

Above all, the cover letter must be free of grammar, spelling, or stylistic errors.  The letter should never be rushed, and should be edited or proof-read several times.

How to Style a Desk 3 Ways: for the Student, the Post-grad & the Career Woman:

The cover letter begins with the job-seeker’s address and contact information in the upper right, followed by that of the person to whom she is writing on the left.  Next is an appropriate greeting to that person.  Generic openings, such as “to whom it may concern,” “dear sir or madam,” or “dear manager” are to be avoided at all costs.  It is far better to identify a specific person; this demonstrates sincere interest and how you value and respect others.

The opening paragraph then goes on to explain the applicant’s credentials, who she is, and what type of position she is looking for.  She states what position, field, or area she is most interested in, and where and/or from whom she found out about the opening or the company.

As she gets into the body of the letter, she briefly states her qualifications and skills, and begins with what is called a value-proposition statement.  A value-proposition statement, dear reader, as it is applied in sales and marketing, is a short statement meant to convince a customer why a product or service will be worth his or her while.  In the cover letter, that good or service is the applicant’s skills and talents, and the customer is the employer or hiring manager.  It is the applicant’s job to sum up what she brings to the table, so to speak, in a few words, making it clear why she should be hired.  In business, this means delineating how she will make her employer more profitable, either by saving or earning them more money.

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A value-proposition statement might be something like this: “At Parson’s Consulting, my strong analytical skills, combined with my ability to learn and then apply new skills quickly to solve problems will be valuable assets.”

She wants to be specific, stating what problems she can facilitate or solve, giving any quantitative benchmarks that would give an indication of how well she can solve those issues, and why she is a better choice than other applicants.  Vague terms and meaningless or trite jargon such as “excellent team player” are to be avoided; if need be, she can bring up these topics later as she is describing examples and past experiences that support the value proposition statement.

After she explains those examples, the writer then states why she is interested in the particular company, work, or location.  She gives convincing and persuasive reasons and then relates any experience she has to the specific position, making a reference to her attached resume.

She concludes the letter by making it clear that she would like an interview, and states how she may be contacted to be informed (generally via email or phone).  It is of utmost importance, dear reader, to avoid being “wishy-washy” or vague in the conclusion.  The aim is to leave no doubt in the employer’s mind that the applicant is worth at the very minimum, further investigation, if not the position itself.

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The letter finally ends with a professional salutation.  When in doubt, “sincerely” or “thank you and kind regards” are fail-safe.

Below are some excellent examples of what a cover letter should look like: